Past Life Regression Meditation


Use this meditation to rapidly travel back into the past and experience important events, see the sights, sounds, images that have impacted your life. This meditation is 25 minutes long and is designed to stimulate and soothe the mind while focusing on emergent fantasy images from your own history.

Past Life Regression Meditation

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Have You Become Your Past?

As you travel back in time you will experience images, and or feelings, these may or may not be true. However modern psychological understanding suggests that if true or not, whatever is present in your mind is deeply impacting how you are operating and performing in the here and now. This mediation will uncover various stories that are running and ruling your life as you currently know it to exist.

This meditation will affect your heart, mind and body. It will be available for download immediately after purchase.

WARNING: This is a very powerful meditation that does bring forth material that may be previously unknown. As such, you must handle the emerging feelings and images with care and gentleness. This meditation is ideal for those suffering from unexplained anxiety, fears and phobias. Please handle with care.

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