Power Nap & Relaxation


Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Michael Glock they all nap and napped! Are you sleep deprived? Improve mood, alertness and performance with a 20 minute power nap for the mind. In 20 minutes you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the next adventure!

Power Nap & Relaxation

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Smile & Learn to Laugh Again

Use this to rapidly de-stress yourself, or to calm your nerves before or after a business presentation or an argument with a loved one.

This 20 minute Power Nap guides you into a deep state of consciousness that is relaxing and energetically preparing you for enhanced waking consciousness on wake up.

The Process

Use it, listen to the meditation anytime you feel stress, sink into the voice, let your mind roam, relax, and you will experience a mental nap.

The Science

We all know that we have unconscious forces that make us eat exactly that which is not good for us but we convince ourselves it is. The brain operates on different frequencies. Five (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma), major frequencies and each frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a unique state of consciousness?

This relaxing meditation is based upon the idea that you and your thoughts are made from pure energy, and the belief that becoming conscious of your issue is a  fundamental healing and a transformational agent of significant change.

After you have purchased the meditation it will be available for instant download. We recommend putting it on at a specific time of day, do it at the same time everyday for the next 3 days. We recommend using headphones and listening to the meditation in a still quiet space.

Hypnosis Continues to Show Promise – APA

“Hypnosis works and the empirical support is unequivocal in that regard. It really does help people,” says Michael Yapko, PhD, a psychologist and fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Reference: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/01/hypnosis.aspx

Your Guide

On this journey your guide will be “The Get Off Sugar Guru” – Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT., the author of the “The Soul’s Coach – 7 Paths to healing Your Relationship”.

Ms. Cook’s  book, workbook and journal are available on Amazon.

If you have found this mediation useful consider reading the book, and doing the work outlined in the workbook. If you are serious about transforming who you are in the world, do consider this work, as it has shown to be both inspirational and life changing for many people.

Caution: Self hypnosis is not intended to be a substitute for seeking medical advice or visiting: a medical practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist or any other relevant health or alternative health therapist. If you are receiving treatment for clinical depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, or any other diagnosed disorder, you must discuss using hypnotic scripts from this, or any other site with your health practitioner before you commence any hypnosis or self hypnosis sessions.

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