The Complete Last Pound Weight Loss Program by Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.

Complete Last Pound Program


“Will it last?

After going through all nine meditations in 9-Days you may ask “will it last?” If so, you’re experiencing old programming. What you wil experiene is new programming and a new awareness of unhealthy foods, you will have an all-new relationship with food. One where you’re in control, but with much less effort. You’re finally thinking, feeling and acting like those people who seem “naturally thin”.

Complete Last Pound Program

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Ready to thin and release the weight? Great!

To get the maximum results, I want you to follow these instructions. Nothing complicated — don’t worry! Just set aside time every day to relax, listen and lose. Here’s what you need to do. Prepare yourself to listen every day for the next 9 days. You should clear a daily block of time in your calendar when you can be undistracted for about half an hour.

Choose the same time every day. The meditations are designed to lull your mind into a receptive state. You may feel drowsy, do try to stay awake, they work best when your mind is open and receptive!

Find a quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed. Use headphones (noise-canceling ones if you have them.)

Once you’ve set aside the time and space, you’re ready to start!

On day one, you’ll listen to the first meditation #1  “Emotional Eating”. We’ll awaken your awareness of urges to eat that are driven by negative emotions, not real physical hunger. You’ll become conscious and gain more control over cravings for “trigger foods”. Everything you need is in the recording. All you have to do is show up consistently of the next 9-days!

When you’re ready for session 2, read this first.

In day 2, you’ll experience an imaginary journey to your own inner control room — the source of willpower to achieve your biggest goals! If you’ve ever doubted your own self-control with diet, this session can change everything. Tapping into subconscious control is a deeply respected practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

In this audio, you’re reminding and made aware of the control you already have… Even if your conscious mind has forgotten that you run the show, we’re about to hand you back the keys to overcoming cravings.

In day 3, we go deeper.

If certain unhealthy foods feel irresistible… if you’ve felt enslaved to cravings for your trigger foods… you’re about to get a surprise!

The Day 3 meditation, “Aversion to Unhealthy Foods”, reprograms the way you feel about “trigger foods” that make you gain weight. You’ll feel disgusted by your old cravings. Try it and see how much of craving is all in your mind!

On Day 4, you’ll experience the “Garden of Choice”.

Whether you really know it or not, you have ALL the power of choice in your life. What choice will you make? What will you weight? How will you look, feel and act from now on?

In this meditation, you’ll reinforce positive choices about your future weight.

Plus, you’ll implant positive associations with fruits and vegetables — the natural, whole, life-giving foods you’ll now crave. Backed with access to your “control center” (aka endless willpower) PLUS aversion to unhealthy foods, Day 4 sets you up to achieve anything!

And what happens after Day 4?

By the end of Day 4, you’ll notice big changes.

Days 5-9 walk you through a virtual version of the procedure you’d experience in a real gastric surgery for weight loss.

Why? Because your mind is so very powerful. What you believe creates your reality.

You experienced this with Aversion Therapy on Day 3. Changing what you think about unhealthy foods changed how you eat.

Change starts in the mind. The only way to permanently release weight is to reprogram your relationship with food. And we start with the subconscious.

Throughout the virtual surgery, you’ll feel peaceful, calm and at ease. This will NOT be a fearful experience.

Knowing this, surrender yourself fully to the entire process. The deeper your relaxation and surrender, the greater the success.

Meditations 5-7 take you from surgery prep, to intake, to the virtual gastric bypass procedure. It will be as if you’ve experience surgery to reduce your appetite.

In Meditation No. 8, you’ll return to the hospital for a virtual gastric band tightening.

Meditation No. 9 is a post-operative sequence that reinforces the procedure. We’re training your mind to permanently reduce your appetite.

This final meditation is your “maintenance program”. You can listen to it every day or as often as you need to reinforce your Hypno-Surgery mindset… But more on that in my next email.

Let’s do this!

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